Boost internal mobility through Gamification and AI

Introducing employees to the right people helps them discover internal opportunities and find a new role.  


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Introduction to Workmate

A tailored solution for each employee

Our algorithm allows us to design a customized solution for each employee, based on one's personal and professional preferences, to guide them through their career development journey.


Discovering your colleagues across the organization is easier when it's a game. We propose different, fun and ice-breaking features for them to initiate a connection.


The most valuable connection are the ones happening in real life. We encourage employees to meet around a specific theme or just leave it to luck thanks to our unique gamification approach. 


Growing from colleagues to workmates, employees develop a sense of belonging to the company culture and aspire to grow at the organization.

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We help employees discover and find the right workmates that will contribute towards their professional and personal growth within their organization.

Workmate is extremely simple to use and empowered me to get to know colleagues I never had the opportunity to meet. I was able to meet with some colleagues in the ''Product Department'' and it made it much easier for me to sell our solutions.

Lucie Bourbeau

Benefits to your employees

Bring the culture of openness to your company to improve internal mobility, decrease turnover rate, and increase long-term retention.


Discover new roles

Managing a career plan internally is often a taboo subject. Empower your employees by helping them discover a new role through colleagues in those positions.


Prepare career change

Whether an expatriate or internal mobility, give your employees the opportunity to get in touch and get to know their future colleagues.


Improve collaboration

Business life is often made of relationships with other departments called "partners". With Workmate, we help your employees from different departments to get to know each other better in order to improve collaboration.


Build an internal network

Each employee will be able to personally manage their engagement with employees across departments without fear and judgment of others and without any hierarchical bias.

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