Autumn Recap: Unleash 2019 and Trends in HR

Autumn Recap: Unleash 2019 and Trends in HR

Unleash 2019 was held in Paris just this last October on the 22nd and 23rd of this year where we had the fortunate opportunity to attend and learn about the latest in HR tech. If you are not familiar, Unleash is a conference held twice a year, once in the fall and the other in the spring, bringing participants from all over the world, from more than 120 countries, to talk about all things HR tech. As far as we could see the event was littered with companies anywhere between small startups to large corporate departments. We were so thankful that we had the opportunity to participate and take part in meeting people, attending guest speaker sessions, and listening to keynotes.

The face of HR tech has rapidly evolved tremendously in the past year and proves to be highly important to acknowledge and keep track of the latest HR trends. At Unleash 2019, we discovered just that, most innovative and forward thinking trends of 2019. Here is the latest scoop from this year’s Unleash 2019 in Paris:

This year’s conference focused on the “Future of Work” and “Workforce Technology.” Amongst these two overarching concepts lay the widespread creation of collaborative platforms including way to connect internally with fellow coworkers or to work together and complete a specific project. Gary Bolles, Chair at Singularity University for the Future of Work project, spoke and provided his professional recommendations concerning the future of HR and further collaboration within the workplace. For Bolles, he found it highly important to move towards people-based engagement rather than it be role-based. In doing so, it becomes easier to improve company inclusivity and culture.

Global HR guru, Josh Bersin also provided similar feedback and takeaways during his talk titled: The HR Technology Market Disrupted: What’s Coming in 2020? Bersin stated, “We have to think about systems that deal with people, not processes written on a whiteboard in a boardroom. Employees simply can’t take it anymore.” The fact of the matter is that we tend to overlook the importance of the employees running the machine and rather focus on the machine itself, which is a shame. The workforce as we now know it, is beginning it’s journey along the path of a revolution: personalizing talent and employee experience, making something worthwhile out of a typical work day.

Another guest speaker, CEO David Wilson, provided some more foundational, statistical takeaways from the conference’s focus on employee development. He attributed to Fosway’s 2019 HR realites, noting that 93% of organizations have difficulty hiring employees with the correct skill set and 68 of companies surveyed do not believe they are prepared enough for a more modern workforce. This is where HR Tech comes into play. The use of HR tech means better focus on the development of the employee, the revolution of complex roles for HR managers, and the integration and analytics to make a company who isn’t prepared to be ready for anything.

Preparing for the next step does not stop at trying to grow one’s career, but reaches beyond. Keynote speaker and author Heather McGowan touched on the importance and the advantage of adaptation. “Future generations of workers’, noted McGowan, ‘are most likely to perform 16 different jobs in five industries throughout the period of their career, but it is important for those who mentor and take on these younger individuals to nurture the ability to learn.” For Adam Yearsly, head of talent management at Red Bull Global, also spoke and illustrated a very similar point, “We're working too much at this moment in time... and not focussing on filling the pipeline.” Essentially there is not enough forward thinking in terms of the capability of our employees. HR managers today are only focused on the current needs of a company without thinking of internal mobility or the internal resources available that could be of less cost if programs were already implemented.

Here are the huge takeaways:

-Improve the way your employees collaborate and interact with one another.

-Engage the people and improve the employee experience.

-Facilitate and nurture opportunities for employees to learn and grow, perhaps through internal mobility or mentorships.

-Focus on anticipating the needs of the company in advance, taking upon growing with employees and implementing technological problems to expect and resolve before the storm.

-Preparing and educating your employees, improving the adaptability of their skillset.

Unleash 2019 gave us the opportunity to meet leaders, influencers, decision-makers and experts from all over the world to discuss needs in HR that drastically need to be met. We’re excited to nourish our own personal development based on all that we have learned and the innovative trends we discovered at the conference.